Living in Central New York has it's ups & downs. One of those is snow. There are many ups to the winter snow.  It's wonderful to see the beautiful falling snow whiten our trees and yards. Those that enjoy winter sports love the snow and kids (and adults) like playing in it, building snowmen, and making snow angels.

But there are definitely downs of snow. It's cold (like right now it's -9f degrees outside) and then there's the storms and lake effect snow. Below are 2 pictures of driving in white out conditions that led to nearly 2 feet of snow in 1/2 a day in my area. There was 3 1/2 ft of snow that fell in a town close by. It was not fun!
Next week I'll post pics of fun things to do in the snow. This week has just been a little crazy with all the snow. 

What are your thoughts on the winter snow? Do you have a fun activity you enjoy during the winter? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy Winter Day to you : ^ )


01/24/2013 09:02

Fellow CNYer here. We actually got away with only 18-20 inches. That was more than enough. My favorite winter activity is sitting in my chair with a hot drink and good book while I look at the snow covered pine trees.

01/24/2013 10:31

Hello there! Trees heavy with snow are so beautiful :-) We like to make homemade hot chocolate, with LOTS of whipped cream. Thanks for stopping by


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