Music is a major part of our family. My daughter plays the piano and guitar (and any other instrument she gets her hands on), my son is learning drums and likes to play the guitar and piano, too. I used to sing throughout grade school and college. We just love music. We like almost every genre, too. Classical, Christian, country, classical rock, some pop, jazz, swing. . .and so on. Music is a part of our very core.

I tend to believe that part of my love for music comes from my family. Both my mom & dad's families have been involved in music for many years, some just at home, school, or church, and others actually have been in bands over the years. For this reason, I have always been exposed to various forms of music and I have always wanted my children to be able to have that joy of music.

However, I do not have the ability to teach music on any instrument because I just do not have that skill set. Because my instrument was my voice, I could teach some voice lessons, but I did not learn how to educate in this area. I know what I have to do to sing and can relay that to my children, but I am not a voice teacher.

Homeschooling is a wonderful blessing to many families. But there are those few areas where we need help from experienced instructors. Voice and/or music lessons are often some of these. So what's a homeschool mom to do? A solution to this dilemma may be closer than you think : ^ )

Vocal Coach is a company created by vocal coaches, Chris & Carole Beatty. They have designed products for beginning singers to accomplished, award-winning, touring artists (Vocal Coach). With over 40 years of vocal coaching experience, Chris & Carole have built Vocal Coach "on their passion for training the singers of today and tomorrow".

Vocal Coach offers products you can use in the privacy of your own home as well as private vocal lessons in their Brentwood, TN studio. Whether your goal is to teach your child basic vocal skills or to become an accomplished singer, Vocal Coach can help you in the pursuit of that goal. 

As members of the SRC, we were given Vocal Coach's product Vocal Coach Singer to review. 
Vocal Coach Singer is a set of 7 professionally produced CD's and a complete  instructional guidebook that "teaches and builds upon the fundamentals essential to an accomplished singing voice". 

Chris & Carole have taken their proven techniques and teaching styles and methods and created this course that will teach everything from correct posture and breathing to performance. It is the most comprehensive course I have seen. It's like taking all of my in school voice lessons through grade school, high school, & college and putting them in a course and then adding flair and vibrance from an exceptional instructor. There's so much in this course, many things I knew and had forgotten, or had never learned.

My daughter enjoyed the course. One of the first things she said to me was "why didn't you reinforce my posture, see what a difference it makes?" I said, "yes, I do see, and that's what I'd been saying to you". It's funny how your children can hear the same thing from you over and over again and not get it, but then hear it once from someone else and the lightbulb finally comes on. LOL. But either way, it made an impression on her right at the start. She has taken voice lessons before, too, and many of skills Mr. Beatty teaches on these CD's were not given to her. He really has put so much into this course.

Vocal Coach Singer includes:

7 Training CDs:
Getting Started
Complete Breathing
Complete Warm-Up
Complete Tone
Complete Expanding Your Range
Complete Diction
Complete Performance

4 Workout CDs:
Daily Workout High Voice 1 & 2
Daily Workout Medium/Low Voice 1 & 2

Plus these great educational tools:
Guidebook – Full-size Instructional Guidebook to Ensure Success
Printable Lead Sheets – each exercise in our course, plus track lists
Personal Singer's Journal (Getting Started Journal & Workout Journal)
Vocal Coach Song Evaluation –  to enable you to make more intelligent song selections
Vocal Coach Singer can be purchased as an MP3 download that is easily transportable for $99.99 or on CD's for $119.99. You will not be disappointed in this curriculum. You and your children will learn a great deal and have fun, too.

"Vocal Coach Singer is the most complete instructional singing system available with the equivalent of over $2,000 worth of personal coaching time." (Vocal Coach). I'm adding this statement here because the value is incredible. I know the cost of voice lessons from my daughter taking them, and for $99.99 or $119.99, you will be getting a wonderful value!

Members of the SRC also reviewed Teaching Kids to Sing from Vocal Coach. You can read reviews on either product by clicking the link below. 
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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