Most of us live in a comfortable home with many of today's luxuries. These luxuries have made our lives easier, or so it seems. We may have a smartphone, tablet, Wii, XBox, large screen T.V., 3D T.V., computers, DVD players, DVR, surround sound. . . everything we need to make life easy. . . or so it seems. Having these things doesn't make life easier, necessarily. There's the cost of owning them, the responsibilities that come with them, and the addiction to them that make them become not so great. 

So often I hear my husband say, "we made it before without [add in your own item]". It is true. Usually he's referring to cell phones. Do you ever get frustrated trying to reach someone and they're not picking up or get annoyed when you're doing something and someone keeps  calling you and you don't want to be bothered? The cellphone has made life easier in many ways. But it's really just one more "instant gratification" toy that has made us dependent on technology.

Imagine a world that's much simpler, without most of the extras, and enjoying what God created and the beauty that is all around. A world where you could tell others about The Lord and His creation. 

Growing Up Wild offers a video series that brings an insight into a simpler way of living, that doesn't have all of the creature comforts we may be accustomed to, but that is much better on many levels. The Growing Up Wild series is a "collection of educational DVDs that takes you into the remote jungles of Indonesia and shows you the day to day life of the four Wild brothers." (The Wild Brothers).
The Wild family are missionaries to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. After much prayer and 4 years of training, Mike, Elizabeth, & their family went to Wano Land, to teach the Wano people about God. Their goals were to learn the language and culture, provide medical assistance, and because the Wano's language was not in print, the Wild's wanted to create an alphabet for the Wano people so that they could learn to read and write. Once the language was learned, more and more people could learn it and then Bible lessons could be taught to help the Wano people develop a "solid rock" foundation to learn the entire Bible. (Wild Introductions Video). 

They have worked with the Wano people for some time and have now created the Growing Up Wild series to, not only tell about the life and tales of the Wild boys in the field, but to encourage children to learn more about Missionary work and create a generation of new missionaries.

"The "Growing Up Wild" DVD series was developed for the purpose of introducing children to the work going on in foreign mission field.
Our hope is that "Growing Up Wild" will educate and challenge your children,
and be used by the Lord to play a part in raising up the next generation of missionaries!" (Purpose & Vision)
Growing Up Wild DVD series is set of 5 DVD Volumes with 3 episodes per DVD. Each episode is about 15 minutes long. Each volume also comes with a CD that includes teacher's activity guides for each of the episodes. These activities are designed to help you and your child explore their own environment while connecting with the Wild's. You can view a sample of the activity guides to see all that's included for yourself.

As members of the SRC, we received the Growing Up Wild volumes 1 & 4.

Each volume gives an introduction, if you will, to "growing up in the jungles of Papua". The Wild brothers take you through their various days and events and you will see the beauty and amazement of that incredible part of the world.

"You may be surprised
to hear a calling of your own!"
The episodes on Volume 1 are:

Home Sweet Hut: See a glimpse of the brothers' house and life. "Learn how a house in the jungle is built and see the creatures that emerge in the night"

Supply Trip: "How do the Wild brothers buy and bring in supplies for months while living in the jungle?" You will see how they take a bush airplane and are able to gather their many supplies.

Sun & Water: Learn how "the mighty sun's power and a rushing mountain stream can be harnessed" and be used by the Wild family. You'll learn about electricity and water power.

The episodes on Volume 4 are:

Amazing World Around Us: "Colorful pythons, tropical birds, a giant stick bug and a huge hairy spider are the stars of this exciting episode". Explore Papua with the Wild brothers and you will see amazing creations of God.

Adventures In Culture: You will learn about the cultures of different groups of people as you "follow the Wild brothers adventures in culture as they learn about war, hunting, red fruit and nose piercing."

Tribal Calling: "In one of our favorite episodes yet, discover how the Wilds knew that their calling was a tribal calling. Find out how icebergs, missionaries and the body of Christ are alike."
I liked this whole description so I included it : ^ )
Each Volume is 18.99 + s&h. The whole 5 DVD/CD set is available for $80.99, a 15% savings. The value of learning about the wonderful missionary life of the Wild's is well worth it. 

These DVD's are designed for ages 5-12 but could be viewed by everyone. You could use them as a supplement to Homeschool curriculum, as Sunday school lessons, summer programs, or anywhere that you would like your children and students to learn more about missionary work. Maybe one day you and/or your children will enter into the Lord's mission fields to spread His word. 

Below is a trailer of the videos I think you will enjoy. You will see the gorgeous land of Papua and the beautiful Wild family. The joy that lights the brothers eyes with each experience is awesome to watch. My family sat and watched all 3 episodes in Volume 1 straight through. There was much discussion and learning. I loved it. I love when the kids actually enjoy what they're learning about and yearn for more. We found ourselves looking up different creatures that we learned about and imagining what it would be like to live in a round hut, without our modern day luxuries. It's almost like "the good ole days": to be outside all day long until dinner time, enjoying the outdoors. . . .
I know that you will enjoy these videos as we have. Throughout each of the episodes, you will hear scripture discussed and know that The Lord is truly working in the lives of the Wano people. We have been very blessed to review these videos and to learn about the Wild brothers (& family) and their experiences. I know that each of us talked about being on the mission field and The Lord may have been speaking to us a little. We do not know what tomorrow brings, but I do know that He is in control, and when we follow His guidance, we will not be led astray. 

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Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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