"Only 4 out of every 10 eighth graders are
proficient in Math, and by grade 12 only 2 out of 10! 

Don't let this happen to your child! "
Math Essentials
That is an incredible statistic. Think of the people you encounter every day that need to know some form of math for their job, and then realize it's possible that only 2 out of every 10 of them actually know what they are doing. That's kind of scary, don't you agree. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, cashiers, contractors, technicians. . . . there are so many professions that require a proficiency in math, yet it's a skill that is going to the wayside with all the technology that's available to do it for us. 
Rick Fisher, the founder of Math Essentials, wants to help you teach your children/students the techniques that will ease them through math lessons. Techniques that they will remember and help them enjoy learning & doing math.

"Rick has developed a highly functional, successful mathematics teaching system that produces amazing results. Results that he shares in his books, Mastering Essential Math Skills in both elementary and middle grades versions." (Math Essentials)

Math Essentials offers several different levels of workbooks & DVD's, from elementary school through high school. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to review various curriculum from Math Essential. Each member of the Crew was given one main curriculum and one math skills book of our choice. We received the  No-Nonsense AlgebraMastering Essential Math Skills Decimals and Percents.

The No-Nonsense Algebra curriculum is 275 pages & includes: 
* A “How to Use This Book” Section *
 * Chapter reviews *
* Final Exam *
* Solutions for all Problems *
* Glossary *
* Resource Center *

There is:
* No Fluff! *
* No Distractions! *
* Short, concise self-contained lessons *
* Topics are explained in a way that students can easily understand *
* Lots of examples with fully explained step-by step solutions *
* Review built into each lesson to ensure mastery *
* Chapter tests and a final exam allow students to measure progress *
* Dramatically Improves Test Scores! *

With every No-Nonsense Algebra book, there is a special code in the back that allows you & your student to watch FREE video's (with the code) to every lesson in the book. Mr. Fisher has created a corresponding video lesson for each lesson taught in the book. Below, you will see on the left, the main screen of the video player. On the right of the screen, there is each and every lesson listed, designated by chapter and title. Just click the lesson desired and you will then see a "white board" like the picture on the right. Mr. Fisher walks the student through the lesson, offering tips throughout.
I found that the video's were pleasing to watch and to listen to. Mr. Fisher's voice is pleasant: not monotone, not loud, not soft. The video's were overall just plain enjoyable to view. The content was easy to follow, too. My 16yo, who exclaims "I don't like math. I'm just not good at it", actually said "wow, I really like this. It [math] seems simpler." : ^ ) She is right. Mr. Fisher lays it out so that it is easy to understand and easy to follow. I like that. I love math, but I think that's because I can see beyond just the numbers and symbols. I can see the sense of it all, the whole picture. Mr. Fisher offers a strategic way to help the viewer see how it all works together.

There are 10 chapters in No-Nonsense Algebra. That may not seem like a lot, but when you get your book home, you will see that each chapter has several lessons in it. For example, chapter 1 has 22 separate lessons or skills. The other chapters range from 4-13 lessons.

In the back of the book, you'll find: Important Formulas, Important Symbols, Multiplication Table, Commonly Used Prime Numbers, Squares & Square Roots, Fraction/Decimal Equivalents, & the solutions to all of the problems.

This book is truly comprehensive with lots of extras!

You can purchase No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials for $27.95. Your upper Junior High or High School student could use this to learn or renew their understanding of algebra.
The additional book we received was the Mastering Essential Math Skills Decimals and Percents. It is just one of the 8 books in the Mastering Essential Math Skills book series. 

According to Math Essentials website "The key to this program's success is that every lesson is fun and exciting. Each daily 20 minute session is short, concise and self contained. Students don't have time to get bored or discouraged." 

These workbooks can be used to supplement any math curriculum and can help build or reinforce your student's math skills. This, in return, will help boost his/her self confidence in math, which can carry through to each math skill encountered.

The Decimals & Percents workbook covers "the four decimal operations and shows the close relationship that exists between decimals, fractions, and percents." To see exactly what this workbook contains, you can view the Table of Contents or Sample Pages.

Each lesson starts with a few review questions, then offers "helpful hints" for the new lesson, followed by the lesson of the day's questions. Lastly, there's a "problem solving" question, a word problem. "Teachers have flexibility in introducing new topics, but the book provides them with the necessary structure and guidance." There's a simple tutorial section, too, "how to use this book", that will help the teacher & student walk through the lessons with ease.

I like this book, too. It offers straight forward lessons, simply stated and easy to follow. This comes from "Multiplying by 10, 100, & 1000" lesson:
As you can see, the lesson is to the point. There really is "no fluff".

My son (entering 7th grade) likes the simpleness of the page/lessons. There's not an overload of unnecessary things. Again, you can view a whole sample page here and see for yourself. For us, it is important to not have extras on the pages. Both of my kids can be easily distracted with almost anything, so it's nice to have a plain page sometimes. 

The Decimals & Percents workbook can be purchased from Math Essentials for $11.95.

I encourage you to look into Math Essentials curriculum and skills books. I believe you will appreciate the short, concise lessons as much as we did : ^ )
Disclaimer: I received these products free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew  with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using them. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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