Science is one of the most fascinating subjects to me. It encompasses every facet of life from the very breath we take, to the water we drink, and the technology created to study it. There are many different areas within science that students will study during their educational experience. I have been given the opportunity to review a new science curriculum by AIMS that is focused on Earth Science. 
"At AIMS, we believe that hands-on math and science is the most effective way to develop conceptual understanding."

AIMS (Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science) began in 1981 with a grant from the NSF. It is a non-profit organization and "publishes hands-on instructional materials that build conceptual understanding". You can read about their history and affiliations here.

A small portion of AIMS' description of the Earth Book is: "Our Earth is a very complex, dynamic planet. Earth Book will unlock some of its mysteries as students learn about three of the Earth's spheres and interactions in a systematic approach to Earth Science. The book is divided into four sections: hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, and their interactions of these spheres."

The Earth Book is different than many earth science books I've seen. It is developed to be used with students in 6-9th grades, but is designed in a way that older and younger children could be included (younger with assistance). As the front of the book indicates, AIMS uses activities to integrate math and science. The Earth Book has 48 activities and 446 pages that will immerse your student in everything from earthquakes to clouds. The activities include making suds, determining how slope affects water movement, and classifying rocks based on properties. The book comes with a CD that contains all of the printable pages within the book necessary for the activities. This prevents having to write in the book or cut the activities out. This is very important to many homeschoolers with children of different ages.

We did enjoy using this book. I am impressed with the information that is included and with the fact that the language used is focused at the student and not the teacher. It would not be above the students' head. So often, science books are all...well, science. There's no fun, just findings and theory's. The Earth Book offers students the opportunity to fact find themselves, to complete an activity, analyze the findings, and create their own theory. It offers the scientific information for each activity, but allows the student to have fun, too. You can get a free 30 page preview that is actually the beginning of the book.

The most important point I do want to add in my review is that this book is not creation based. It is a secular book designed to meet the recommendations found in national education reform documents. Page 7 of the Earth Book is the "National Education Reform Documents" and starts "The AIMS Education Foundation is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of providing curriculum materials that are user-friendly, educationally sound, developmentally appropriate". All that said, the Earth Book is not filled with evolutionary themes nor does it push evolution. There are a few references, but only a few. Working with your student while using this book would allow you, as the parent, to determine what will be taught and offers areas for learning and clarification of your beliefs and the contrasts that are out there.

As a believer of creation and a young earth, I still used this book with my 6th grader. My 12th grader read through it, too, since she is fascinated with fossils. The activities are terrific and fun. There are activity ideas that I would not have thought of before or that I have but didn't know where to start. Having hands-on learning is such a great way to learn and remember.

You can purchase the Earth Book from AIMS for $49.95, which includes the CD with all the printables. It is also available for the same price as a PDF file. AIMS also offers many other curriculum books in math and science. You can read additional reviews from the TOS Crew by clicking the link below.
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And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer


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