Welcome to my post for the First Annual Boy Mom BlogHop!

Wonder who the M.O.B. Society is? They are a community of Moms Of Boys. It was started by Erin & Brooke to offer moms of boys a place to fellowship, pray, and learn more about raising boys to become men of God. I joined this society a few months ago and am thankful I have. There motto, so to say is:

"Reaching the hearts of boys for the Gospel
& preparing a generation of men to love the Lord"
Today is the kickoff of their first bloghop to allow moms to connect and introduce themselves through their blogs. There will also be contests and giveaways, so be sure and hop on over there, too.

So I will begin by introducing myself to those that are new to my blog, or need a refresher, lol: I am Mona Lisa, wife to Lee, mom to 2. My daughter is 15yo and my son is 11yo. We homeschool both and have since the beginning. We are a family that strives to glorify The Lord but stumble along the way sometimes :) This blog started as a means to post review information on products I received through The Old Schoolhouse Crew: a group of homeschool moms & dads led to offer their time to review homeschool products. Since the inception, I've begun reviewing a few other products, too. I also use this blog to offer reflections & thoughts I have about the experiences of life, participate in fun bloghops, and offer information on schooling at home.

As I wrote above, I have one son age 11yo. He just finished 5th grade. He enjoys playing outside, fishing & boating, shooting (target practice only), archery, soccer, acro & tap dance, drums, & guitar. I'm sure there are more things he likes to do, but mostly anything that's active. Though he does like to watch family movies and play the Wii, too. And on occasion, get on my FB account to play farmville. I actually have quite a nice farm because of him, lol. 
Our son loves the Lord and accepted Him as his Savior at 8yo. He loves attending church and learning more about Him. As far as learning, he likes math and science. He's got a great tactical and strategic mind and can solve most any problem or situation very quickly. He does not like reading very much, though it is improving as he gets older and more involved in things. He was behind until this year but has caught up fast, thanks to The Lord. We have found that, though he was having difficulty with regular books, he could read the Bible well, truly The Lord's doing :) He still likes the Dr. Seuss books but doesn't really have a favorite and really likes reading Curious George stories. They may be for a slightly younger group, but if it encourages him to read, I'm all for it. He likes to read about planes and trains and adventure, but what boy doesn't? He has started reading Rio: The Junior Novel, based on the movie, and is enjoying that. This book is for 8-12yo so more age appropriate. But like I said, if he's willing to read, I'm happy :)  
So that's it, for now, on my boy. Please hop on over to the
Boy Mom BlogHop and check all the posts by Moms of Boys :) Remember, they are having giveaways, as well.

But before you go, don't forget to enter my contest for the new Robert Pierre CD, I'm All In. There are several ways you can enter.


08/02/2011 20:20

I'm visiting from the MOB BlogHop. It is nice to meet your family. I love hearing about how relaxed you are about your son's reading. You children are so blessed to be home schooled, we hope to with our boys too.


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