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Today is my wonderful son's 11th birthday. I know it's cliche, but I just can't believe how fast time has gone by. It seems only yesterday that we found out we were pregnant. So much was going through our minds, but we were happy and excited. We had been wanting a second child but had lost 2 children after our first born and were pretty scared, too. 

But The Lord's strength was upon us and He blessed us more than I can say.

I won't go into all the detail of my pregnancy, 'cause that would be a little wordy :) But I will start at the beginning...his birth day.

I went into labor at just about 9pm on April 16th. I remember very well because DH & I had cleaned out the garage that day and had just sat down in the livingroom to relax after putting DD to bed. I was tired. Then labor started. It was just a little at that time, but the doctor wanted us to get to the hospital since I was high risk...ugh! We didn't have time to drive DD to the in-laws 45min away, so we called the pet sitter, yes, the pet sitter, lol. Who came over to sit with our sleeping DD until my in-laws arrived. We were so appreciative. Once at the hospital it was just a matter of time. We walked, talked, sat, I cried :( we walked some more. And finally, he came. He was beautiful! 8lbs 3oz, 21"long. We had to stay a few days related to jaundice, but then we made it home. 

Many things have happened over the course of these 11 years, but the most important is that he accepted The Lord the day after he turned 8. Now he is 11 and I pray that his life will glorify The Lord and that The Lord will be with him and protect him always.

I would like to share some pics of him today:
The cake...


His sister had to decorate his face. He had to try and lick it off, lol.


This is the really cool dragon that DD made for DS for his birthday. She did a really nice job and he loves it.


Just a different look to the picture. It kind of highlights the dragon.

He did get a few more things for his birthday, of course. But I think this dragon is one of the best. It was created with love. She took a couple of days to work on it and he loves it. I love my children!!! Thank you, Lord :)


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