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Would you like to have access to a program that will help your students in math, spelling, vocabulary, or learning the states? Does your student get "bored" at times and just needs a change of scenery but still needs to do school work? Well if so, I have a suggestion for you.

As a member of the TOS Crew, our family received a premium membership to Big IQ Kids online learning system. This is a great tool that encourages students to learn by offering interactive subject based programs for spelling, vocabulary, math, and US Geography. Big IQ Kids Motto is:
Helping kids become and stay A+ students
What is Big IQ Kids? Big IQ Kids is designed for students K-8 and is "a unique learning method designed to help each child develop the skills needed to perform to his/her potential." (bigiqkids.com). Each subject is designed to advance at the individual child's pace which encourages the student to work and achieve goals without feeling overwhelmed or pressured to learn faster than his capability. At the end of each lesson, the child has an opportunity to play a game using the "game coins" earned during the lesson. The games are fun and continue to stimulate the student's learning processes. 

How Does It Work? Like I wrote above, each program is designed to work according to the child's ability, not the standard for age or grade level. This takes away that peer pressure that kids get while in school. Feeling like they need to compete with the next student. All the while, increasing their skills in each subject. Once the child logs in, he can choose which subject to do. The subject pages do not have loud graphics or music, they are simply the lesson, which allows the student to complete the work without distraction. You can customize each subject, too. The lessons start out at a basic level and work up according to your child's mastery of each concept or lesson. You can view the home page below. As you can see, there are tabs for each section. Once the student logs in, the screen does look different, but there is still the choice of subjects. 
What We Thought: My DS enjoyed this site. He preferred the states game because he could buzz through it to get a coin, to go play a game. At first I didn't think this was a good idea (buzzing through), but then realized he really was learning. And the game he liked the most was a strategy game that he had to figure out how to get each ball to the right color basket. But to do this, ropes needed to be cut at the right time and the balls needed to drop in the right order. It is actually a very fun game. My daughter thought it was too simple, but she's 15yo :) It's not really designed for her, but since it can be modified for each child, it's workable. I do like the site. What I like the most is the that if DS started to need a break at work (he thought) but really didn't, I could have him get on the site and he was still doing work. I liked that. The one thing that we did not really like were the voices used in the programs. They are computer generated and sound as such. This can become very irritating. DS would turn the sound down, but that was us. It's still worth the time to look into as it does help students learn. The second thing that we weren't really fond of was the way the math lesson had to be completed. It just seemed to not go smoothly. You have to type in the numbers right to left, even if you're at the last number. This seemed to confuse DS some. You can go to Big IQ Kids and try it out. DS still did the lessons and accomplished a few goals. It certainly wasn't a reason to not use the program. 

How To Purchase: The great thing about Big IQ Kids is that it can be used for FREE. There are memberships that you can purchase, which offer a few special features. You can view the difference in free vs premium here. The prices vary as you can purchase individual subjects or all. The lowest price is $7.99/month/spelling, a full year is $99.00/all. You can view the pricing levels here.

You can read other reviews on Big IQ Kids from the TOS members here.

And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with sole purpose to provide an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer


Fri, 01 Apr 2011 17:16:25

Jumping over and joining from UBP 11! This looks like a great program...I will have to look into it...we want to start learning latin.


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