My Lasik Surgery 01/29/2011
I'd like to tell you about my recent Lasik surgery. On Thursday, the 27th, I chose to have Lasiks done in Syracuse. I have to say, I'm pretty glad I did. I'm not quite saying definitely glad since I'm still healing and all is not 100% yet. It is pretty amazing, to me, how this procedure was even developed. Can you imagine being one of the original patients? Who volunteers for something like this. 

As I was lying there staring into the red blinking light and the suction thingee was pushed onto my eye, I was thinking how quickly this could go terribly wrong. Can you imagine if you were the first person to ever have this done; not having any proof that this would work, or that you wouldn't become totally blind. Or then, maybe, the person had some major ailment that left him or her mostly blind to begin with. One of the sites I read stated that the idea of Lasik was developed over the course of 100 years. It also mentioned the story of a young boy in Russia that had been injured in the 1970's by his broken glasses. This caused a portion of his eye's outer surface to be "shaved" off: which ultimately caused his vision to improve. His doctor published the findings but it was, according to this website, years later before funding was available to continue the research. I viewed several different websites on the history of Lasik, most with this similar story, others discussing various doctors and their ideas, studies, and results. It's pretty interesting, I think. 

I really am impressed that this procedure can even take place. I had an astigmatism in both eyes and could barely see the big E on the eye charts, lol. Now, I pretty much can see 20/20 with just a little bit of fogginess that, I hope, will heal. My DH had it done last year and his vision is very good and he is thankful that he had it done. I am thankful that The Lord helped everything go smoothly. 

If you are considering Lasik surgery to improve your vision, I'd say first: pray about it. Then research it. But I am glad I had it done and think you will be, too. It's nice to be glasses or contacts free. My eyes aren't as scratchy or dry and I like being able to see when I wake up in the morning :-)

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05/01/2012 02:05

I appreciate your courage and it will be tough for you in this surgery. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.


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