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It's time for my next Blog Cruise question and answer. There are many of us in the TOS Crew that participate in this cruise and I welcome you to come back each week to read my answer, take a look at theirs, and ponder what yours might be. I hope this offers you an interesting read or maybe an encouraging word.
This week's question: How to homeschool while pregnant or with a new baby? 

For everyone that knows me, you know that I do not have a new baby nor am I pregnant. My 2 are 10yo & 15yo., but, if I can remember from long, long ago, when I first starting homeschooling my daughter, my son was just an infant. So I will answer this question based on that, but more importantly, I will direct you to the others that are answering this question, that may be currently in the midst of pregnancy or babyhood :)

Homeschooling isn't easy, as you probably already have guessed, or know. But it is so worth it! When my DS was a baby, my DD was in kindergarten. Now this grade is relatively easy, compared to her current one, 11th grade, but there were some aspects that weren't so easy. Since my DH wasn't 100% on board with homeschooling yet, I spent countless hours, it seems, trying to research and make sure I was doing everything right. Well...that is an impossibility since I am only one person, and human. But it wasn't that bad. Because my DD had started reading books by age 4 and was doing 2nd grade math in kindergarten, there was nothing ordinary about her curriculum. We dabbled in books from K-2nd grade. So this was a little stressful, just trying to figure it all. 

And in comes baby...My DS was not a sleeper by any stretch of the imagination. He would not sleep in a bassinet or crib at night, so he was up much of the time. During the day he would take naps, but was, and is, an extremely light sleeper and any noise woke him easily. So while my DD and I were attempting to get school work done, he would usually be right near by, needing some attention. My DD was great about it, but did need to have my focus on her, too. It was difficult for her to concentrate if he was crying, so we had to try and find ways to entertain him while she was doing something. This wasn't easy. It's funny remembering this, and realizing my DS is still very much like that now. Much of my attention is given to him unless he is distracted with something else.

Now, the question was HOW to homeschool in this situation. Prayer will always be one of my top answers as God has ALL of the answers. But I will also have another. I think the biggest thing I did was to prepare ahead and try to be organized. Know what was going to be happening for the day and plan around it for the baby. If you are pregnant, you will need extra rest. So try to incorporate a nap time or quiet time. Movies or crafts are a good time to be able to close your eyes (as long as there are no scissors or hot glue guns being used) for a few minutes. Sometimes it's not how long you can sleep but just that you do sleep. Just closing your eyes for 15 min can offer your body comfort and the rest it needs. Remember that you do not have to do everything everyday. Stay focused on the task at hand and allow flexibility in your schedule. You will have days that seem impossible, so take a break. Everyone needs it once in a while. If the baby is irritable or sick, your student is probably not feeling off, too, so do just the bare necessities. If your student is older and more autonomous, let him spend some time in his room doing work, instead of underfoot. It'll be good for both of you.

So, there you have it. A basic answer to this week's question. What is your answer? For more answers from those that might be experiencing it right now, cruise on over to the Blog Cruise and check out their sites. Thanks for reading and please come back for next week's question: What is it like homeschooling an only child? 


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