We love science! There are so many interesting things to learn about, and see, and do. We believe that God created all things and that He gives us the wisdom to explore & learn what He wants us to. For centuries, those explorations have led scientists to incredible discoveries. Today, we can learn about all of these through various sources.

But what's the best way to learn it? There are innumerable science programs available in the forms of textbooks, modules, videos, unit studies, lapbooks, and online. Determining which is best really depends on your family. But one company that we've recently been introduced to has definitely caught our attention. Supercharged Science is a company that offers a physical science curriculum and their awesome Supercharged Science eScience Online Learning Program. This is an online program that offers a complete science education, including experiments, to K-12 students and educators. We were able to review the eScience program with the extended high school level as members of the SRC.

Supercharged Science was started by Al & Aurora Lipper several years ago. Aurora has an extensive education and career experience. She has a Bachelor's and Master's in Mechanical Engineering Cal Poly State. Her thesis was in flow patterns of F-15 engines (with a 4.0 and "Graduation with Distinction"). She taught at Cal Poly, has worked at NASA, and then created Supercharge Science to help children learn science and have fun doing it.  
So What is the eScience Program?

Supercharged eScience (SCS) is a complete science curriculum that can be used independent of other curriculum or in conjunction with, depending on your own preference. They even offer a "conversion chart" to help direct you to which lessons coincide with a particular curriculum from another company. SCS "meets or exceeds" state and national standards. Each of the lessons includes exercises and quizzes, as well. 

SCS does not teach evolution or creation. This sets eScience apart from most curriculum that I've seen. Though we are creationists and use a creation based science program, it's refreshing to be able to use an online source and not have to worry about what "facts" my kids are learning that are irrelevant or unnecessary to the topic, like many secular sources have. 

SCS is a step-by-step program that guides your student through each lesson and every experiment. Aurora is an interactive and vibrant educator that will engage your student's desire to learn science. She is the sole instructor in each video and absolutely brings science to a hands on level, even astrophysics and thermodynamics!

SCS is self-guided. Even though the lessons are titled Unit 1, 2, 3... they can be done in any order of preference. And each unit can take as long, or as quickly, as you and your student decide. With the conversion chart, Aurora has made it very user friendly. And each of the lessons has experiments listed for young students as well as high school students. The units are categorized by topic and grade level (SCS FAQ's).

SCS is accessible on or offline. Aurora has also made all of the lessons plans printable, too. You can download the complete lesson as a PDF file and/or view them online. The videos are included within the online lesson. There is even a complete "shopping list" to ensure you have all the necessary lab equipment/supplies for each of the units far in advance of when you are ready.

SCS is parent friendly. If you have any questions while using Supercharged Science' eScience program, you can simply call or email a customer rep directly. Aurora is even available on Wednesday afternoons (as of this posting) and you can call her directly with any questions of the lessons or experiments. That, to me, is amazing!!! There is a full list of FAQ's and a special Parent Resources page that offers info like: what should my child know about science, common mistakes made when teaching science, 6 keys to teaching science, keeping a scientific journal, and so much more.

SCS offers a Getting Started page. This page will help you and your student learn the basics on using Supercharged Sciences' eScience program. It lists how to get started and how to get the most out of the program. This is a great place to start, for sure. There is a video that you can watch, too, with Aurora talking about the program. Check it out for a quick sample view.

How To Purchase Supercharged Science eScience Online Learning Program:

The eScience program has 2 different levels. The K-8 level is $37 per month and the K-12 level is $57 per month. The expanded K-12 program includes the High School levels which are wonderfully designed with higher level experiments. 

What We Thought: I have to admit, when we first began to use the eScience program, we were not fascinated. We had a difficult time navigating the site, which was frustrating. And it seemed like some of the experiments didn't give us the list of supplies needed. 

This was before we viewed the getting started page and watched the video. We jumped the gun a little on that. Once we figured it all out (read the instructions, lol), we loved it. My 7th grader is completing General Science through Apologia and all of the lessons fit smoothly with it. My 12th grader is using Apologia's Physics curriculum and enjoyed Supercharged Science very much.

We pretty much jumped around to whatever we chose to do most of the time, but it was really nice to be able to look up specific lessons depending on the topic we were learning that week. I also like that we could go at our own pace. This allowed us to do as we pleased, which is important to us. 

The experiments, for the most part, were very user friendly, too, except the Chemistry ones. These required a chem kit, which we didn't have. But we were able to watch the videos and still learn. Most of the experiments used around the house supplies or easily accessible ones, with links to sites we could get them from. This, again, was nice.

I do believe we will continue to use this program throughout the rest of the year and into next. It has many positive aspects. I think you will really enjoy it, too. You can try it out for 30 days to see. 

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One of the things I like A LOT about homeschooling is getting to do science experiments. I have always liked science and enjoy watching science come to life through experiments. So when I was given the opportunity to review Amazing Science! DVD set, I said "Yes, pick me, pick me"

The Amazing Science! DVD's were created by Jason Gibson. He has taken the time to walk through each of the experiments and explain the how's and why's behind them. It's a science lesson & fun experiment all in one! A little about Mr. Gibson: he has an MS in Electrical Engineering & one in Physics, and has worked for NASA for several years prior to leaving to work on his video series. With this, he brings a wealth of knowledge behind each science lesson, and because of his love for science & math, our children truly benefit. His website, ScienceandMath.com, offers video's in math from basic math to calculus, as well as the Amazing Science DVD's, Physics, & Chemistry. His goal: to create "a set of resources where you can learnn about Science and Math but more importantly you'll learn how they fit together" (scienceandmath.com).
The Amazing Science! DVD set includes:
  • 2 DVDs - 23 Experiments!
  • Learn about Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Physics, more!
  • Easy to Find Materials!
  • Multiple Camera Views!
  • Understand Every Concept - Make Science Exciting!
  You can see the whole list of experiments here

The videos are great to watch & the experiments are EASY & FUN to do. Mr. Gibson's explanations after each of the experiments allows you to really get a grasp of the concepts behind them. This is great! It's not always a simple task to explain science, but he does it smoothly and makes it seem straight forward.

As I said, I have always loved science & experiments. I love that there is so much that The Lord gave us to explore everywhere we look. One of Mr. Gibson's statement in his About This Site section of ScienceandMath.com says so this exactly:

"Learning doesn't have to be from a textbook:
you can learn science just by taking the time to look at the world around you
Here is a great, quick, trailer of the DVD set:
You can watch more interesting experiment videos on Science and Math's website, too.

We really enjoyed watching these videos. We performed a few of the experiments and, amazingly, they ALL worked! This doesn't always happen in our house, lol. The first experiment we did was getting an egg in a bottle. It didn't work at first, but I figured out (after listening to my DD) that I wasn't doing it the right way. Once I did, BAM, the egg was in. It was amazing!! And cool. I will say, though we liked the explanations of each of the experiments, some of them seemed very drawn out. I felt we "got it" early into his explanation but he kept going on, which seemed boring to the kids. I can understand the need for reiterating some of the information, but for us, it wasn't necessary in a few of the cases. This certainly did not deter us away from the videos at all. We continued watching & learning. 

 You can purchase the Amazing Science! volume 1 and watch & learn about all of the experiments for just $19.95 which includes both DVD's filled with experiments. You can also get these great video's now by purchasing the downloadable version for $17.99. You can also sign-up to receive free videos via email at ScienceandMath.com.  

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Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Science is one of the most fascinating subjects to me. It encompasses every facet of life from the very breath we take, to the water we drink, and the technology created to study it. There are many different areas within science that students will study during their educational experience. I have been given the opportunity to review a new science curriculum by AIMS that is focused on Earth Science. 
"At AIMS, we believe that hands-on math and science is the most effective way to develop conceptual understanding."

AIMS (Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science) began in 1981 with a grant from the NSF. It is a non-profit organization and "publishes hands-on instructional materials that build conceptual understanding". You can read about their history and affiliations here.

A small portion of AIMS' description of the Earth Book is: "Our Earth is a very complex, dynamic planet. Earth Book will unlock some of its mysteries as students learn about three of the Earth's spheres and interactions in a systematic approach to Earth Science. The book is divided into four sections: hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, and their interactions of these spheres."

The Earth Book is different than many earth science books I've seen. It is developed to be used with students in 6-9th grades, but is designed in a way that older and younger children could be included (younger with assistance). As the front of the book indicates, AIMS uses activities to integrate math and science. The Earth Book has 48 activities and 446 pages that will immerse your student in everything from earthquakes to clouds. The activities include making suds, determining how slope affects water movement, and classifying rocks based on properties. The book comes with a CD that contains all of the printable pages within the book necessary for the activities. This prevents having to write in the book or cut the activities out. This is very important to many homeschoolers with children of different ages.

We did enjoy using this book. I am impressed with the information that is included and with the fact that the language used is focused at the student and not the teacher. It would not be above the students' head. So often, science books are all...well, science. There's no fun, just findings and theory's. The Earth Book offers students the opportunity to fact find themselves, to complete an activity, analyze the findings, and create their own theory. It offers the scientific information for each activity, but allows the student to have fun, too. You can get a free 30 page preview that is actually the beginning of the book.

The most important point I do want to add in my review is that this book is not creation based. It is a secular book designed to meet the recommendations found in national education reform documents. Page 7 of the Earth Book is the "National Education Reform Documents" and starts "The AIMS Education Foundation is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of providing curriculum materials that are user-friendly, educationally sound, developmentally appropriate". All that said, the Earth Book is not filled with evolutionary themes nor does it push evolution. There are a few references, but only a few. Working with your student while using this book would allow you, as the parent, to determine what will be taught and offers areas for learning and clarification of your beliefs and the contrasts that are out there.

As a believer of creation and a young earth, I still used this book with my 6th grader. My 12th grader read through it, too, since she is fascinated with fossils. The activities are terrific and fun. There are activity ideas that I would not have thought of before or that I have but didn't know where to start. Having hands-on learning is such a great way to learn and remember.

You can purchase the Earth Book from AIMS for $49.95, which includes the CD with all the printables. It is also available for the same price as a PDF file. AIMS also offers many other curriculum books in math and science. You can read additional reviews from the TOS Crew by clicking the link below.
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And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer