"Grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ"
John 1:17
Grace & Truth Books was started by Dennis & Naomi Gundersen and their family. Their dream of owning a Christian Book company existed throughout their marriage and was finally realized in 1994 (Grace & Truth). Today, Grace & Truth Books is not only a Christian Book distributor, it is also a Christian book publisher of almost 80 books (G&T). But it's not just an average bookstore that sells books for Christians that are trendy and have "fancy packaging". Grace & Truth Books "is built on a different approach: what will glorify God, strengthen His people in their walk, and call all peoples to find joy in knowing His gospel and following Him" (G&T). Stepping away from the secular traditions of many stores, Grace & Truth Books offers Godly, wholesome, products that glorify Him instead of themselves.

So why am I telling you about them? Because I have been privileged to review one of the books offered by them, Of Knights and Fair Maidens. This book was written by Jeff & Danielle Myers, and was out-of-print for a time but has been re-published in a hardcover edition by Grace & Truth Books.
Of Knights and Fair Maidens is not a book that many of us our familiar with. It's not a book that tells you how great you are and how you need to find that certain someone that will make all of your dreams come true

It's a book that does give "A Radical New Approach to a Very Old Way of Developing Relationships" (title page of book).

"How's that?", you ask. Well Jeff & Danielle Myers weren't always Mr. & Mrs. Myers, and before they said "I do", they chose to learn the "three keys to a successful courtship" (back cover). They wanted to have a relationship that was founded not on physical attractions, but on Godly principles. Their goal: "to figure out how Christians can develop relationships with members of the opposite sex in a way that glorifies God and reflects the character of Jesus Christ" (pg. 5). And they wrote Of Knights and Fair Maidens to help others discover the "keys to a successful courtship."

So before we delve completely into the book, I want to go over the definition of courtship according to Merriam-Webster online:

Courtship: "the act, process, or period of courting". Ok. So let's look up courting.
Courting: "to seek the affections of; especially : to seek to win a pledge of marriage". This was the best definition of those given. I was disappointed to read some of the definitions. They weren't very . . .nice. And the synonyms given really surprised me. It's no wonder today's teens think of courting as just another word for dating, going out or hooking up.

I like the explanation that Jeff & Danielle gave: "Courtship, to us, is a guy/girl relationship that leads to marriage. It focuses on three primary things: accountability to parents...building each other's character rather than focusing on physical attraction, and waiting to develop serious relationships until you are really ready to get married" (pg. 8). That's so well said. In today's society, the primary attributes sought by teens and adults in a partner are appearance, then money, then character (maybe). This leads to heartache, despair, abuse, and ultimately, the destruction of the family unit. If we would go back to the days of Knights and Maiden, not in armor and long gowns, but in attitude and tenderness, love would be so much more than it is today. It would be pure, unadulterated, and Godly.

My daughter loves old books and searches for them everywhere. We found one at an antique store that was published in 1902. It was entirely about the proper way to court. It talked about the different ways to hold a fan to convey what the lady is thinking, or how to tip your hat. And where and how to put postage on a letter to show interest, or disinterest. The ideas & etiquette that were characteristic of this era were fascinating. She found them inspiring and wished "that's the way it still was".

Jeff & Danielle's book Of Knights and Fair Maidens opens the possibilities and reality that it still can be that way. Courtship is not difficult, unless you see it that way. If you allow God to guide you through your relationship, it will come naturally, like taking a breath, or smiling when you hold a puppy.

My husband and I had a somewhat "fairy tale" beginning in our relationship. It was wonderful, and was so natural. Though there wasn't the exact courting that Jeff & Danielle talk about, God's hand was definitely involved in every step we took. They discuss getting to know the true character of each other. We were able to do this. We "met" through a letter. I sent a care package and card to soldiers in Somalia, and he happened to be one of them. I didn't know any of them, was just doing it because of a suggestion from a friend, just to be nice. The day I received his first letter, I knew. I didn't know who he was in person, but I knew that I was going to marry him. I told my sister-in-law that very day. We wrote back and forth for 3 months, as much as we could in the 90's since military mail overseas seemed to take forever. We talked twice while he was there. Once he arrived back in the states, we met on Jan. 8th, were engaged on the 13th, spent one more weekend together (in the company of his family), and were married on Feb 5th. We've been married for nearly 19 years! And though we didn't know Christ as our Savior (have a personal relationship with Him) at the time we were married, within months of our marriage we had both accepted Him. The Lord guided our steps toward each other and to Him. And though our courtship was short, writing the letters to each other and talking on the phone allowed us to see each other for who we were and not what we looked like or anything physical at all. It was wonderful. And that's what I want for my children. Of Knights and Fair Maidens brings the possibility of "true romance" even today.

So What Is The Book About? Jeff & Danielle interviewed married couples and learned certain principles that made a successful relationship. This was done prior to their own marriage. They used this wisdom in their relationship and then, wrote it down in this book. The book is written like an interview, and Jeff & Danielle are interviewed by a "mystery interviewer" that asks witty & thought provoking questions. The book is a fun and "heartwarming" tale of Jeff & Danielle's courtship that is filled with lessons of love, and "straighforward counsel" for those beginning their journey into the relationship created for them by God. It is for the old and young to enjoy, and a touching guide for all that desire  more than just a date. 

The book is broken into 3 sections, as follows:

Rethinking Relationships
So You Want to Go Back to Medieval Times?
Rethinking a Very Old, But Very Cook Idea
How We Met and Committed to Marriage Before We Fell in Love

Important Steps to Great Relationships
Breaking the "Lone Ranger" Habit
No Masks
Waiting in the Wings
How to Fall in Love, Courtship Style

How to "Do" Courtship
Okay, Smart Guy!
Involving Others in Your Relationship
Just for Guys
Beyond Pizza and a Movie
Getting Ready, Part One
Getting Ready, Part Two
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Question Is
Happily Ever After
There are 114 pages in this wonderful little book. And though that doesn't sound like many, there is more wisdom on those pages that you might find in a 500 page book. 

Of Knights and Fair Maidens is recommended for teens 14-19 but can be a valuable book for young adults or anyone seeking guidance on courting. It is available for $9.75 through Grace and Truth Books. I am certain you will appreciate this book as much as we have. 

Grace and Truth Books offers many other wonderful books. Members of the SRC were able to review a few of them. By clicking the button below, you will be able to read more reviews on these great books.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Throughout my time reviewing homeschool products, Apologia has remained a favorite company of mine. Their mission "is to provide products, resources, and services that help homeschool students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith." Apologia's dedication to serving The Lord emanates through all of their products.

I have been given another opportunity to tell you about a wonderful resource offered by Apologia. Journeys of Faithfulness is a book written by Sarah Clarkson. You may remember me talking about another book she wrote Read For The Heart, which is also available through Apologia. Sarah was raised to love The Lord. Her parents served in full-time ministry as overseas missionaries and raised her and her siblings to follow their hearts on a journey with The Lord. Sarah's passions are writing, hiking, reading, and travelling the world (Journeys of Faithfulness back cover). Her writings are, to me, inspirational and 
In Journeys of Faithfulness, Sarah offers readers stories of 5 biblical women, Mary & Martha, Mary - mother of Jesus, Esther, and Ruth. She uses their stories to show "how God can reach into the life of an ordinary girl who loves Him and bring His beauty and grace to bear in the world through her obedience" (Apologia). 

Each story is based on the Biblical account of the individual woman's life and experiences. Sarah has written such eloquent representations of what each of these women may have experienced, felt, and yearned for in their lives. The heartache and joy, the fears, and the love of The Lord they had are all demonstrated through Sarah's words. 

In Sarah's story of Mary, Jesus' mother, she writes, "God was to be the father of her child, and that child was Messiah. Joy and terror tore at her soul, for she was unworthy, yet chosen. Frightened, yet filled with awe. Tears came then in shocked elation that, for a moment, stole words from Mary's mouth..." (Journeys of Faithfulness, pg. 72). I could just feel the anguish, and joy, that Mary must have felt.

It's incredible, to me, how Sarah was able to create such real, believable fictional accounts of these women's lives based on the details in the Bible. Her creativity is truly a blessing. 

Journeys of Faithfulness is not just simply stories of great women, though. It is also a devotional & Bible study, that includes journal pages entitled "Journeys Journal". Sarah has added to each of the chapters a separate devotional that the reader will be encouraged and inspired by. Sarah offers personal insight and experiences that will guide you through your journey with The Lord.

The following is an excerpt from one of the devotionals that is so touching. As I read through the story she gave, I could put myself right into her words. It was as if it was me she was writing about, and not herself...

"We didn't say it, but both of us felt shaky in our faith,
bewildered as to where God was in the midst of our hectic lives..."
She continues with more of the story and at the end writes,
"Through the gift of the day, crammed with loveliness, surrounded by the tangible goodness of God's creation, we once again felt His presence in our lives to be real. The evidence of beauty was so great, we felt strengthened to trust God to help and lead us through all the niggling troubles of our lives." (Journeys of Faithfulness, p. 96-97)
You will find many more of these inspiring words throughout Journeys of Faithfulness. There are 232 pages in this wonderful book and there are 4 parts, as follows:
Part One: Mary & Martha 
 Chapter One: Learning to See 
 Chapter Two: A Circle of Glory
 Chapter Three: The Hush of Love 
Part Two:  Mary, Mother of Jesus
 Chapter Four: Story-Formed Soul 
 Chapter Five: Swords and Starlight 
 Chapter Six: The Great Adventure 
Part Three:  Esther
 Chapter Seven: Heart Alive 
 Chapter Eight: For Such a Time 
 Chapter Nine: Courageous Beauty 
Part Four:  Ruth 
 Chapter Ten: Claiming the Light 
 Chapter Eleven: To Walk in Darkness 
 Chapter Twelve: Desire of My Heart 
I am confident you will enjoy Journeys of Faithfulness. To gain more of an idea about the stories, you can read chapter one today, through Apologia. 

You can purchase Journeys of Faithfulness for just $13.00 through Apologia. The recommended age is 12 yo and up. This book could be an excellent devotional for you and your daughter to work through together. Both my daughter, 16, and I have enjoyed reading through Sarah's book and have found the devotionals both, compelling and convicting. The Lord has worked through Sarah and Journeys of Faithfulness is a testimony to that. 
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
We love reading! Christian historical books are a popular genre with us because they not only bring history to life, God is included in the story. I like that. Another genre I like are Biblical guides that are inspiring and enriching.

Hal & Melanie Young are the chief publishers of Great Waters Press. They are the authors of Raising Real Men, recipient of the 2011 Book of the Year award by Christian Small Publishers Assoc.

This book is a wonderful guide for families with one boy or many. It is "A Practical Guide to Equipping the Hearts and Minds of Boys without Losing or Breaking Your Own". 

Hal & Melanie have homeschooled their 8 children (6 are boys) from the beginning and have also been involved in "parenting, political commentary, writing and homeschooling from coast to coast". They have been serving The Lord for many years through these involvements and Great Waters Press is just one of the wonderful areas they are serving. Great Waters Press "focuses on Making Biblical Family Life Practical". 

Great Waters Press has 2 new books coming out soon. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have had the opportunity of reviewing these books, and I had the privilege of choosing
A Cry From Egypt, by Hope Auer. It is geared for readers 8yo and up.
Hope is a recent homeschool graduate and has been writing since childhood. She has "developed a passion for history and telling stories which eventually culminated in the writing of “The Promised Land Series,” and
  A Cry From Egypt is book one. 

"Adventure, excitement, love, and faith come together
when Jarah and her family find themselves at the culmination of four hundred years of history"
This is a book about a young girl, Jarah, and her family, set in the historical period when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. Through Hope's education and studying of Ancient Egypt, she was able to define the characters with great authenticity, and creates a setting that is, not only factual, but amazingly accurate. You are drawn into Jarah's life: her fears, her joys. . .her reality as an Israelite girl enslaved in Egypt. As each of the plagues fall upon Egypt, we see Jarah and her family's experience as it might have really been. And though the people are fictitious, the facts are Biblically correct.

From the back cover of the book "Jarah was a slave in Egypt. It was a dangerous place to be. Her work was exhausting and her family was torn between the gods of the Egyptians and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And her brother… would his Ada be given in marriage to an Egyptian in the palace? Would they ever be free?".

What We Thought: This book is incredible! I was really impressed with the amount of time that was obviously spent by Hope in preparation for writing it. I was drawn in to the story from the very first paragraph and didn't want to put the book down. As each event unfolded, I found myself imagining being there, in Egypt, watching Jarah's experiences, feeling her emotions, and yearning to help. Even though she is a fictitious character, Hope personified her as though she were real, and her story was already written down. Reading A Cry From Egypt offered a different perspective of the Book of Exodus, and it was profound. Both of kids loved the book, too. My daughter reads quickly and had it done before I could blink, I think. She was also moved by the intensity of it. Knowing Exodus and all that happened is one thing, I think, seeing it experienced by this young girl is another. My son enjoyed the adventure the most.

A Cry From Egypt offered by Great Water Press is an excellent book and I know you will not be disappointed in the content. 

An advanced copy of A Cry From Egypt is available from the publisher for $12.50. 

Other members of the SRC reviewed this book or Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship was written by Curt and Sandra Lovelace. You can read more reviews by clicking below.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Mission Statement
"The mission of Christian Liberty is to help parents fulfill their God-given responsibility
to provide a Christ-centered education for their children."
Christian Liberty Press was started more than 25 years ago as the publishing division of Christian Liberty Academy School System to provide quality materials to their local area homeschool families and Christian schools. Over the years, they have expanded into a wonderful resource for excellent educational products for families and Christian schools across the United States and internationally. All of the products that they sell meet their rigorous evaluations to ensure that they meet their standards of "curriculum materials that are rooted in the Word of God and express a biblical worldview". 

The members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been given the opportunity to review one of products offered by Christian Liberty Press (CLP), Mr. Pipes & the British Hymn Makers (1999). This is the first book in a series written by Douglas Bond, an English & History Teacher. Mr. Bond began writing to tell stories to his own children and then one night, he had the idea to write on hymnody. 
Mr. Pipes & the British Hymn Makers is the tale of 2 American children that travel on vacation to England and meet a gentleman & organist, Mr. Pipes. As they wander through the town of Olney, England, they learn various historical points about England and Mr. Pipes gives wonderful lessons about hymns and their authors. 

I want to add here, that this book is not just light, fun reading. There is an incredible amount of history written into the book. As Mr. Pipes tells the children the tales of the hymn makers, he brings the stories to life by adding in the facts that surrounded their compositions. In this first book, he takes Annie & Drew to the burial sites, homes, and churches as he tells of 9 hymn makers as he tells their biographies. The stories that go along with each are very interesting. There's information on slave boats, Welsh Corgi's, why the British drive on the left side of the road, Anglican worship, the story of St. Andrew and the Scotland flag, and so much more.

There are 12 chapters in this 288 page book filled with stories that teach important pieces of history that aren't always common facts. Like driving on the left side of the road. It's because the men at that time rode their horses on the left with the reins in their left hands, just in case they needed to put their sword in their right. Interesting little fact that I didn't know : ^ )

Each chapter ends with the actual score of the hymn or hymns discussed in the story. There's hymns such as Amazing Grace (John Newton), Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me (Augustus Toplady), Take My Life, and Let It be (Frances Havergal).

But the most important lesson taught in Mr. Pipes & the British Hymn Maker is The Gospel. Mr. Bond writes about God, the importance of musical worship, Jesus, & Salvation. Each of the stories brings to life the hymn that was written and what the words truly mean. Throughout the book, Annie & Drew learn about humility, patience, the love of God, and having a good Christian walk.

Mr. Pipes & the British Hymn Maker is a wonderful book that I have no doubts will be liked by you and your family. CLP recommends it for grades 7th to 10th, but I believe younger students that are good readers shouldn't have a problem getting through it. 

You can read the beginning of the book, including the first chapter here to see a little bit for yourself. 

Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers is available as an eBook through CLP for $8.79. The print version is also available for just $9.89. You can purchase the complete set for $38.99.
Disclaimer: I received this ebook free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
This is an invitation to all wives, including new wives, old wives, happy wives, sad wives, separated wives, wives-to-be, and any wife in between. An invite to what?

S.H.M.I.L.Y. for 30 Days of Prayer!! DandelionSeeds.com (Amy) started SHMILY in June of 2009. SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) for 30 days of Prayer is a time for all wives to come together and commit one month to daily prayer for their husbands. It is vital for us to pray for our husbands. 
This from Amy: "Continuing every June since, marriages have been changed because women prayed and trusted in God… and quit trying to do things on their own power.  Note: Not only married women have prayer, but also women separated have prayed for reconciliation, as well as single women wanting to pray  for their husband to be!

Covering a husband in prayer is so important, and regardless of where your marriage is right now (great… okay… or falling apart…), “S.H.M.I.L.Y. for 30 days of prayer” is to simply make sure that your man is being prayed for every day for a month… regardless of how YOU feel. (And if things are really bad, that this is a perfect time to do this!)
  • WHAT YOU’LL NEED: “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie OMartian.
  • WHAT YOU’LL DO: Read a chapter a day, which includes a prayer. (Even if you’ve read this book before, you can just do the prayers and skip the reading… the point is for you to PRAY!)
  • THE POINT: To get wives praying for their husbands… that’s it! Doesn’t matter what the background, denomination of faith (or lack there of), or current state your life is in… Let’s get those hubbies covered in prayer and stand back and expect great things to happen to them, our marriages, and even ourselves as we petition God on their behalf!"

Please join all of us in praying. Hurry to sign up, it starts June 1st. To read more & join, click on over toDandelionSeeds.com
Teaching our children The Bible and Godly character is our commission as parents. Our home is our mission field while our children live there and we must help them learn what is important before they enter the "real" world. Helping them build a strong foundation on The Lord will provide them with a sound structure on which they can stand. 

How do we do this? There are many avenues that we can take to achieve this goal, but I would like to tell you about one that allows you to teach the way you want to and how you want to, but offers you suggestions and ideas for both.

It's called Judah Bible Curriculum. JBC doesn't have a traditional curriculum that you follow. It doesn't dictate what to teach or how to teach it.  It helps teachers & students break curriculum dependence by using the Bible as the textbook

JBC uses the "Principle Approach" -

"Principle Approach refers to a philosophy of education whose content and methods are designed to build character in teacher and student capable of sustaining liberty.

The Principle Approach is a resurgence of the Biblical philosophy of education prevalent in the founding period of America, when the character of the American colonists was one of dependence on God, not the State
." (Bill Burtness, author JBC)

The philosophy of education of JBC is based on the philosophy of government. You will find on JBC's website "Our philosophy of government guides our education in such a way that the content and methods of our education produce individual character that reinforces and aids our philosophy of government." This is a wonderful summation, but there is a great Powerpoint presentation that explains the Philosophy of Education & Government behind the curriculum.  You will find it here.

So what does all of this mean for you and how do you teach a curriculum that has no curriculum? 

What this means is that YOU will teach your children based on your knowledge. Don't think you know enough about it all? Judah Bible Curriculum is designed to help you learn so that YOU CAN TEACH them.

JBC breaks the Bible into 5 themes:
then gives examples of how you can divide the "curriculum" across K-6th and/or 7th-12th. The scope & sequence offers a suggestion on the division. 

The main method of teaching/learning is by using the Notebook Approach. You & your child will create a notebook which includes verses, lessons, and notes based on the key themes. This is a wonderful, interactive way that your child will be able to see the lessons come alive and help him/her apply it to life.

There really is so much more to this. I encourage you to check out JBC's website where you will find descriptions and explanations about the Judah Bible Curriculum.

I really like the JBC. Though it is intense, and even a bit overwhelming at first, after reading through the manual, reviewing the website, and learning how to implement it, I can appreciate the value in it's entirety. I am considering using this to help teach Apologetics  to a few of my speech club students. The very essence of the JBC's philosophy shouts Apologetics to me and I am excited to take that step.

You can purchase the digital version of Judah Bible Curriculum for just $44. The hard copy version, direct to you, is $69 + s&h. Both versions will give you the curriculum K-12 manual, elementary notebook ideas, & the 8-lecture teaching training seminar. The difference? You will get the digital version immediately and the hard copy in about 1 week.
For More Reviews From The TOS Crew
Disclaimer: I received the digital version free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.

I love being a mom. The Lord has blessed me with 2 beautiful children and I am so thankful. I love being a wife and am thankful for that, too. I love that I can share the rest of my with the man I love, the man the Lord created me for. But sometimes it's not easy being a mom and wife. 

Sometimes I just don't know what to say or do. But The Lord is faithful and loving, and provided me, and you, with a way to know. If we use the guidance given to us in Proverbs 31, we will discover it all is possible.

The Lord has provided all of us with godly instructions to live our life & we do not have to go far to find them. We don't have to search the web for hours, or send out questions to forums seeking advice all we need to do is pick up our Bibles, and read. He has given us everything we need!

I want to share with you a free book. Courtney at Women Living Well Ministries is offering The Proverbs 31 Woman ebook free to all that sign up for her email updates. This book will help you to understand Proverbs 31 better.

Table of Contents

Is the Proverbs 31 Woman For Real?

How to be Treasure to Your Husband

Does Your Husband Trust You?

A Woman of Action

Working With Eager Hands

Shop to the Glory of God

The Proverbs 31 Woman Rises Very Early

Do You Have a Dream?

Vigorously Clean Your Home & Get a Bonus Workout

Burning the Midnight Oil

Mundane Tasks Are a Hidden Treasure

P.S. Your Hands Are Beautiful

Are You Prepared for the Weather Changes?

The Proverbs 31 Woman is Classy

Help Your Husband be a Man of Influence

Pursuing Excellence

Let Me Help You Pick Out Your Clothes

Putting Order on Your Tongue

Managing Our Time, Family and Home

What Do Your Children Think of You?

Be the Woman Your Man Needs

The Proverbs 31 Woman’s Beauty Secret

Pity or Praise the Proverbs 31 Woman?

Hurry on over to Women Living Well and get your free Proverbs 31 Woman eBook today.
I have had the pleasure of reviewing Classical Academic Press different times as a member of the TOS crew. Their company offers excellent curriculum for languages, poetry, logic, & Bible. They also offer classical education sources that can help you on your path of homeschooling the classical way. After reviewing their logic course, the Art of Argument and one of their latin courses, Latin Alive, I was excited to be able to again have the opportunity to review another of their sources. God's Great Covenant is a new Bible study course they offer that is geared for children grades 4 and up. At this time, there are 2 courses for the Old Testament and 1 for the New Testament.

We were blessed with the New Testament course. We received the Bible Course and the Teacher's Edition book. This course is wonderful. It offers children (& their parents) a down-to- earth approach of explaining The Gospels. Children can work alone or as a family, and learn about the historical, cultural, and geographical settings that existed at the time Jesus walked on this earth as they read through the 6 different introductions: Introduction, Historical & Political Intro, Chronological Intro, Geographical Intro, Religious Intro, & Daily Life Intro. These introductions discuss the Old Testament prophecies as well as other relevant facts & points. After the intro's, there are 4 units filled with lessons, worksheets, devotional guides, quizzes, and more. From CAP's description, the features are:
  • 36 weekly chapters, divided into 4 themed units
  • Each chapter contains: a memory page that includes a weekly memory verse; Key facts chart, fulfillment of prophecy section; A thought-provoking “Think About It” question that encourages children to consider how to relate to God in their own lives
  • A worksheet and quiz
  • Unit reviews that contain a memory verse worksheet, devotional guide, and a fun short story of life in Simon’s world

Below are sample sheets from the Bible course. You can also view a sample lesson here, which includes the first introduction lesson and the first lesson of Unit 1. The review worksheet below asks specific questions from the lesson, which will help reinforce what was learned. The maps that are throughout the course, are very detailed. Because I enlarged the photo, it is not as clear as it is in the book, but if you view the sample lesson, you can see it clearly on page 43. 
The Teacher's Edition provides you with the complete student course with answers. There are ideas and explanations to help you as you work with your child. There is also plenty of room to make notes right on the page, as you can see in the picture to the left. You can also view a sample of the Teacher's Edition here. I believe you be impressed with the care and detail that was put into this curriculum. 

You can purchase the student's edition for $26.95, the Teacher's Edition for $29.95, or as a bundle for $56.95. With the bundle, you will also receive the Audio Book Download., which sells for $9.95. This download includes MP3 files of the readings in God's Great Covenant book. They are "engagingly read by Christopher Perrin." There are over 3 hours of readings and include 32 stories from the 4 Gospel's. You and your child will enjoy listening along. 

We were delighted with this curriculum. We have been searching through the various Bible studies that are available and have found that God's Great Covenant is comprehensive yet easy to use. Both of my kids enjoyed working through the lessons and it has offered us a deeper understanding of some of the stories from The Gospels. This is always a plus.

You can read more reviews from members of the TOS crew by clicking the banner below.
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Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Who Am I? This seems to be a question that most people have asked themselves at some point in their lives. Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here? This question adds a second element to that philosophical question. Self-identity was first known to be used in 1835, according to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, though it isn't clear why it was used. One interesting fact that I discovered is that Charles Darwin was on board the HMS Beagle in 1835, sailing around the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Tahiti, and New Zealand. Coincidental? I have a bumper sticker that states "coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous". Think about how much has changed since the "discovery" of Darwin's theories. Hmmm...

Merriam Webster's online dictionary does actually have a definition of "self-identity: (1) sameness of a thing with itself" & "(2) individuality - self understanding is the necessary condition of a sense of self-identity - JC Murrary" (merriam-webster.com). The first definitions...the first expresses a secular worldview. It does not include God.  As Christians, we have learned that our self-identity should be based on our relationship with The Lord and not just who & what we have become in this world. The 2nd definition, could incorporate our relationship with Him, if we "self understand" who we are in relation to Him. Sounds perplexing, doesn't it.

If you are in search of a way to help your children, or yourself, understand the questions Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here, I would like to tell you about a book by Apologia. In March of 2011, I introduced you to the series "What We Believe" by Apologia, with my review of the first book of the series Who Is God? My previous post also gives you Apologia's history and more about why I absolutely am pleased with all of Apologia's texts.
Who Am I? (And What Am I Doing Here) is the second book of the series and guides your students as they learn the Biblical Worldview to these all to common questions. As our children grow, they see the world pass by them and there are so many things to see. Some are just what we would want them to know, others are so far from what we want them to know. Author's John Hay & David Webb wrote in Who Am I "Diverse beliefs about reality fill the marketplace of ideas in the emerging global village. Many ideas are competing for dominance, and this competition is producing conflict and confusion in culture long held together by traditional worldviews." These words are so true. 

By using Who Am I? we can help our children find their place, their identity, in this world and they will be able to grow stronger and stand firmer with The Lord as their foundation. There is a sample lesson that you can view for free and a table of contents here.

Apologia's description of the book offers a terrific insight into the contents of the book "This study will enable students to develop a healthy self-image based on these biblical truths: God made me in His image and crowned me with glory; He has given me special gifts and a unique purpose in life; I can creatively express God's love; I am meant to think about beautiful and praiseworthy things, especially God and His Word; I must make decisions based on God's truth; I can always know the wise thing to do; I must cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in my life; I am a beloved child of God whose true identity is found in Christ."

The TOS reviewers also received the notebooking journal, audio CD, and coloring book that is specific to Who Am I. The journal is a full color, spiral bound journal that offers a "map" to your student can use as they travel through the Who Am I? book. There are games, lesson plans, writing activities, and so much more. You can view sample pages here and an index here. The CD is wonderfully narrated by Emmy winner Marissa Leinart and is the full audio version of the text. The coloring book is 64 pages and geared toward the younger student. The illustrations are great and your student will enjoy using this book along with the lessons in the main text. A sample page can be viewed here.
Who Am I? is geared for children 6-teen, but I am confident adults will also learn valuable lessons from it. You can purchase the book for $39 as well as a notebooking journal for $24, audio CD for $19, and coloring book for $8.

As always, we are impressed with the depth of Who Am I. We have not been surprised by the content, but wonderfully satisfied with the effort and dedication that is evident of Apologia.

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And remember: I received these products free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using the products. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.

"Then you will know the Truth
And the Truth will set you free."
John 8:32

I have been searching for a bible curriculum course for sometime now. One that teaches the Truth of God's word using the Biblical Worldview. We did use a certain company for a few years, but found that, though it had some good content, it just wasn't for us. So the search continued. As members of the TOS Crew, we have been introduced to a wonderful series that I believe will become our bible curriculum for the next few years. It is Apologia's What We Believe Series. The book we received is Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? 
Who Is Apologia? I have been using Apologia's science curriculum for 3 years now because their products are absolutely irreplaceable, in my opinion. I was introduced to them during my first year with the TOS Crew and quickly became hooked. To answer the question, Apologia is a family-owned company with the primary focus of "helping homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith" (apologia.com). It was started in 1996 by Dr. Jay Wile and published creation-based science curriculum. It was purchased in 2008 by the Carman family and has expanded to include an online academy, worldview curriculum, and inspirational books. You can read more about the history here.

What is the What We Believe Series? This series was created when Apologia and Summit Ministries teamed together to develop a curriculum that could help teach your children "the essential beliefs of the Christian faith" (apologia.com). I liked the following description best from apologia.com "with this student-directed, Bible-based curriculum, your children will learn how to use Scripture as a lens through which to view the world around them - to see everything the way God sees it - and know the truth."

What is the Who Is God? Book? The Who Is God book is the first volume in the What We Believe Series. It is designed for students age 6-14, but can be used as a Bible curriculum for the whole family. Again, Apologia's description of the book is best. A portion is: "introduces the concept of worldview while laying the foundational truths upon which the evangelical Christian worldview is built". There are 252 colorful pages filled with scripture, stories, activities, and artwork in this hardcover book. There are 10 lessons that are broken up into 11 components: The Big Idea, What You Will Do, Think About It, Words You Need to Know, Hide It In Your Heart, Integrated Learning, What Should I Do, Prayer, Worldview Study, house of Truth. Through these sections, there is something for every style of learner, which allows you to use this book for each of your children. There is reading, doing, and discovering. There's even baking!! You can also purchase a coloring book, notebooking journal, and an MP3 CD that can enhance your child's learning. They are not necessary, though, to complete this series.There is an FAQ section that you can review that will help answer questions about these components. You can also view a sample lesson here. As far as using this for curriculum, Apologia states that each lesson can be completed in about 2 weeks. The whole book could take anywhere between 4 and 9 months, depending on your pace.

What We Thought: I have to say, since I am quite familiar with Apologia, I was slightly biased prior to receiving Who Is God. But in normal fashion, Apologia superseded my expectations. We received this book very fast, within days of getting the email that it was being sent out. When we opened the package we found this beautiful hardcover book with incredible photos and a readable font size and style. It is enjoyable to read and our eyes do not feel strained after reading. The Biblical Worldview is most important to me, and with every page and lesson, your student will find scripture (from the NIV translation) that reinforces God's Word and the Truth. My daughter is actually the first to have read through the book, obviously not doing all of the activities, but glancing through to get the gist of it. She appreciated the different activities and commented that "it will be good for everyone, no matter how they learn". What she meant was that it encompasses the different learning styles ;-)
I absolutely agree. My son liked it because he felt it was easy to read, with the medium sized font and style. He is my apprehensive reader and it means alot for him to say he likes the way it looks. I plan on purchasing the next 3 books in the series, and more as they come available. I really do like this as a Bible curriculum and plan on using it as a family study.

How To Purchase: You can purchase each of the books in the series (only the first 2 are available at this time) through Apologia. Each book is $39.00. You can also find the notebooking journal for $24, coloring book for $8, and CD for $15; through the catalog. You can request one be sent to you or download it. With the purchase of Who Is God? you will also receive links to additional resources and the course website.

Final Thought: This truly is a phenomenal Bible course and I am positive you will find the benefits of using this for your family. To see what the other members of the TOS Crew thought, you can visit the Crew's Blog site.
And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with sole purpose to provide an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.