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Harvest Festival 2001
Have you ever read the Sugar Creek Gang books written by Paul Hutchens? They are wholesome Christian adventure stories about a group of boys called the Sugar Creek Gang. These boys experienced all sorts of excitement while just being boys and enjoying the simple life of growing up in an era of one-room schoolhouses, creating your own adventures, going to church, and loving your family.

And while reading the books are exciting, imagine being able to listen to the story with the whole family.
I remember my parents telling me about listening to old radio shows: how fun it was to listen and anticipating the next weeks show. There's a movie that's out around Christmas time that we watch that has a boy listening to his favorite radio show and we can see the excitement he has and how his imagination comes to life while listening. Though I enjoy the technology of today, what joy it would bring to be able to have that excited anticipation of waiting for your favorite show to come on Sunday afternoon after church. 

Beloved Books has brought back that old pastime through audio stories of classics like the G.A. Henty books, missionary stories, gospel allegories, and KJV scripture songs, which are all available on audio CD's. Their "main ministry [is] to share the Sugar Creek Gang stories with thousands of families all over the world."

We have been blessed as members of the SRC to receive Volume 1 of the Sugar Creek Gang audio CD's from Beloved Books. Paul Ramseyer was inspired several years ago to dramatize these beloved stories written by Paul Hutchens. The stories were originally narrated for a radio series titled "Adventure Time". Mr. Ramseyer brought the stories to life, narrating from the original books, with a grandfatherly voice each of the 36 books.

Beloved Books has compiled this series into 6 volumes, which is 72 CD's, and over 100 hours of audio.

"Sugar Creek Gang stories engage the imagination and
draw a child's heart into a living relationship with God!...

and the courage and confidence
to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ."
The Sugar Creek Gang stories take you on journey with a "gang" of Christian boys, as they experience life, mysteries, and adventure. Mr. Hutchens wrote them based on his own experiences growing up in the township of Sugar Creek, Indiana. Mr. Hutchens was an evangelist after graduating from the Moody Bible Institute in 1927. He started writing the Sugar Creek Gang while recovering from Tuberculosis, and the rest, as they say, is history : -)

Mr. Hutchens wrote the stories in 1st person, told by Bill Collins, a 10 year old boy from Sugar Creek. Bill & his friends, Poetry, Big Jim, Little Jim, Circus, & Dragonfly are a group of boys that learn about life, God, & discipleship throughout each story. As they encounter various situations, readers are consumed with anticipation of what will happen next. Bill tells the stories as a young boy would, with love, fear, excitement, joy, sadness, and innocence. His love for The Lord, even his acceptance of The Lord, is detailed with touching words that are heartwarming and encouraging. Through each book, Mr. Hutchens takes the boys on a "discipleship journey" that will inspire you and your children. 

In Volume 1, the boys of the gang take on challenges like catching a bank robber and finding a mysterious cave in the stories:
* The Swamp Robber *
* The Killer Bear *
* The Winter Rescue *
* The Lost Campers *
* Chicago Adventure *
* The Secret Hideout *

As they venture through these tales, they learn Biblical lessons of faith, truth, salvation, courage, the value of prayer, and developing a strong Christian walk.

In the dramatized audio series, Mr. Ramseyer portrays each of the characters as you might imagine them from the descriptions written. It's incredible, really, how his voice can capture the exact persona of each of the boys. And his ability to bring the story to life, as if we were watching it, was fascinating. As we listened to the stories in the van, we would wait to go inside until the chapter was over. We would sit in the driveway for several minutes just so we could finish listening. Both of my kids loved listening to each adventure and the stories always started a conversation about the lessons being taught. I love this. So often in today's world, t.v. shows, and even some books, have no substance. There are no lessons learned, no values found, and morality is non-existent. Not so with the Sugar Creek Gang audio CD's.. 

You and your family can enjoy these wonderfully narrated stories, too. Beloved Books has each volume of the Sugar Creek Gang audio CD's availableYou can purchase each volume separately for $54.95, or the whole set for $279.70. 

If you use the special promotional code happily-20, you can receive 20% off of your purchase. Just enter happily-20 in the Promotional Code box in your cart.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Have you ever noticed when you're reading a book or magazine that sometimes it's difficult to focus because of glare, page or font color, or tired eyes? Do you have a struggling reader at home or a child learning to read? 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Crossbow Education has products that can help. Crossbow Education's products are especially designed for children with Dyslexia and sufferers of Visual Stress. 

Crossbow Education is a family owned business founded in 1992 by Bob Hext. At that time, Mr. Hext realized that the games he was using to help his students were "were more effective than many of the published materials available at the time" (Crossbow About Us). In 2005, the Eye Level Reading Ruler was patented.
We were recently given the opportunity to review the Eye Level Reading Rulers as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. These amazing reading aids are designed to "reduce page glare, "dancing" and blurring text and other symptoms, while also providing valuable tracking support for reading" (Crossbow).

These Rulers come in 10 different colors that gives the user the ability to use whichever color fits best for the situation or personal preference. The Reading Rulers are made of durable opaque and transparent plastic (opaque in the middle of the two windows). They are about 8" x 2 1/2" wide with over 6 inches of horizontal highlighted reading area. Each Ruler has 2 reading windows, the first is 1/2" which works for single line highlighting and underlining, and the second is 1 1/4" to highlight more lines or larger text.

So What Is The Purpose or How Do They Work? Before I answer that, I want to touch on Dyslexia and Visual Stress.

We've all heard of Dyslexia, but we often only think of it as a disorder where letters get flipped around But the term Dyslexia encompasses much more than that. It is a processing disorder, but there are several different "signs" or symptoms that you might see in your child or student. Crossbow offers more detailed information here. Dyslexia can be mild or severe but always affects the person that has it, in some way.

Your tired eyes could actually be Visual Stress, a condition that isn't simply diagnosed with a routine eye exam. Much like Dyslexia, Visual Stress has different signs & symptoms, and Crossbow explains it well

The Reading Ruler can help Dyslexia and Visual Stress sufferers by underlining text in order to track the words/sentences and highlighting the text to clear the appearance of it. In the images below you will see both windows in action. The top window works well with underlining a single sentence and the bottom window highlights a larger area of text. The bottom image also shows how the ruler can be flipped over so the logo is not seen. Because some readers need no extra distractions, Crossbow added this benefit. 
What We Thought. I really like these Reading Rulers. I have suffered from eye strain for a long time. Though I do not have an actual diagnosis of Visual Stress, I suspect it is highly possible. I get Migraines too easily if on the computer too long or reading certain print and many of the other symptoms I do have. These rulers allow me to ease the strain on my eyes which helps me enjoy reading that much more. For my son, who does have a form of Dyslexia, the Rulers offer tracking and focus to him. This is important for speed and comprehension, I believe. My daughter likes them to reduce eye strain from the white of most print pages.

I am confident that you will find the Eye Level Reading Rulers as beneficial as we do. The large assortment of colors offers an individual touch that you will appreciate. Each of us has a preferred color based on how it works for us. It's not that we like that color the most, but we like the way that specific color changes the text for us.

You can purchase the Eye Level Reading Rulers in packs of 5 for $9.45 and packs of 10 for $16.95You can choose multi-color packs or specific colors. 

Crossbow Education also offers Plain Window Reading Rulers that have no logo on them that are available for $9.45 (pack of 5). They also offer other great multi-sensory products for Dyslexia from other publishers.

To read more reviews from the SRC members, click the banner below.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after reading it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:6-7

Reflections In The Erie Canal
Our Backyard Brings Beauty, Too
The Sun Peaks Through The Sky Over The Trees
The Rainbows Were Beautiful. The Seagull Enjoyed The Breeze
Such Vivid Colors
Thank you, Lord, For Your Blessings
Taxes. Does that word make you cringe or do you get excited? I think most people that pay taxes throughout the year may cringe a little trying to remember where all the receipts are and worrying if they've paid too much or too little. 

Well, with that thought in your mind, imagine being the person that prepares your tax return. All the rules, laws, and forms that have to be remembered. Though it may seem difficult, it could definitely be a rewarding career: helping others.

Maybe you're interested in preparing your own return but you think you have more deductions and exclusions than you can handle so you leave it to an accountant. Or maybe you're even interested in being able to help others with that annual task Learning all of the ins and outs of the Federal Tax system and being able to complete your own returns, help friends, or even start your own tax practice.

Whether you are interested in learning about tax preparation as a hobby for yourself or to start a business, the National Tax Training School has an incredible course for you, the Federal Income Tax Course. 
The National Tax Training School (NTTS) is "the nation's only nationally accredited correspondence school specializing in tax training". They have been training tax preparers since 1962, are nationally accredited by the DETC, and approved by the IRS as a continuing education provider. 

The Federal Income Tax Course is a comprehensive tax course designed to fully prepare you to take the IRS Registered Tax Preparer (RTRP) exam, which is required should you decide to start a tax preparation business.

So What Exactly is the Federal Income Tax Course & What Will You Get?

The Federal Income Tax Course is a 20 lesson program that comes in 2 shipments. The first shipment is the binder with the course and the 2nd is shipped after the 17th exam is taken. The course includes:

1) Complete Text Material - I received this in a large 3 ring binder and contains over 2000 pages plus forms & The IRS Federal Ethics Course.

2) Self-Check Practice Problems - These are included with every lesson and provides the answers with detailed explanations and references to the text so you can easily re-read that portion if necessary.

3) Examination Problems - Every lesson also comes with an Exam after the self-check problems so that you can put into practice what you've learned. There are general and specific questions to answer. The specific questions actually provide you with an example of an individual (s) tax return issue. The Exam can be mailed in via the envelopes provided (postage is due) or you can now take them online, which gives you instant feedback. This is how I've been taking them and it's a perfect fit for me.

4) Instruction & Grading Services - If you send your exam in, it will be graded by the certified instructors at NTTS. You will receive your results with corrections & suggestions from them.

5) Practical Case Studies - This section provides you "with actual tax return work and accustoms you to the use and preparation of the latest Internal Revenue Service forms." (NTTS).

6) Student Guidance Service - You will receive individualized and personalized guidance throughout your entire course.

7) Building & Operating a Successful Tax Practice Book - A 250 page book published by the NTTS and "will show you how to start and develop your profitable tax practice in your own home or office - part time or full time" (NTTS)

8) Reference Book - This book is a 850 pages Federal Tax handbook. It is comprehensive yet you will be able to understand it clearly.

9) Graduation Certificate - Yeah!!! : - )

10) Post-Graduate Services - Depending on if you purchase the 4 year or 2 year service plan, you will receive up-to-date changes to the tax codes and consultation and advisory services from the experts at NTTS.

The following gives a list of a few of the topics you will learn. You can read the complete list here

You will receive all of these incredible benefits & services as well as comprehensive education with your tuition to the National Tax Training School. They also offer higher learning courses that you can review here.

       The tuition for the course & 4 full years of post-graduate support is only $795.

               The tuition for 2 full years of post-graduate support is just $495.

Both options can be paid in installments if you prefer.  It's easy easy to get started and enroll today. The course can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, too. Each lesson takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

What I Thought. This is an incredible course. I am impressed with the amount of literature that I received. The course is easy to follow and I've already learned so much. I have not completed this course yet but I intend to. I'm not sure that I will open a business because I do like being an RN, but this course will definitely give me the option to complete my own taxes and help my friends and family with theirs.

For those out there that have had to leave their preferred field of employment because of the economy or health, starting a Tax Preparation business would be an excellent choice for you. And the price is incredibly reasonable, in my opinion.

Take a look and see for yourself. I'm sure you will like it. 
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Good money management skills are important as an adult, especially in this tumultuous economy that we live in. Unfortunately, many people were never exposed to proper techniques to manage their money. I am one of them. Yes, my parents worked and had a bank account, but there's so much more than that. There's also investments, earning, spending, and saving. My parents may have done a few of these that I wasn't aware of, but I grew up in a middle class family in a rural (red-neck, lol) area. To some people in that area, a savings account means finding a nice shoebox, filling it, and putting it somewhere for "safe keeping".

Because I didn't learn adequate money management skills, I have made MANY mistakes. This is not what I want for my children. I want them to learn the right skills and be good stewards of what The Lord blesses them with, and not feel left in the dark when it comes to future planning. I want them to be comfortable with what they have and use it effectively in their lives to accomplish what The Lord leads them to be.

I have been introduced to a company that offers a form of financial training to teens that will give them proper skills to manage their money and accomplish "financial fitness". These skills will go with them into their adult life. 

That company is WealthQuest for Teens. It was started in 2008 by Jill Suskind with the mission to prepare teens "to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence" (WealthQuest). Jill's story started out similar to so many adults today. According to WealthQuest's "About" section, after making "all kinds of mistakes", she learned the right principles to get to financial fitness, and, as a teacher, realized the importance of teaching students those same skills.
So What Is It
WealthQuest for Teens is an online resource where teens & parents will find "innovative, engaging, practical tools for teaching .... effective money management." (WealthQuest)

The complete package includes an online video resource, the Basic Seminar Quickstart Guide for teens, and a free Parent's Guide.

It is a 6-week course that will "empower" your teen "with habits and attitudes about money that lead to wealth" But, Jill Suskind explains that the definitions of wealth and being rich, are not necessarily just regarding how much money you have invested or in your wallet. She states that wealth and being rich in WealthQuest for Teens terms, means “the amount of money you need to have the life you want and to make a difference in ways that matter to you”.

I think that is a great definition because, as a Christian, I believe that being rich doesn't always include having a lot of money. It means being blessed richly by The Lord and being a good steward of what He gives us.

So How Does It Work?
Students will receive a link to the 7 modules and associated videos. The modules are: 

1) Welcome, Intentions, & Overview
2) Your Habits & Attitude Determine Your Networth
3) The First Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  Income
4) The Second Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  Knowledge About Money
5) The Third Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  A Great Money Management System 
6) The Fourth Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  A Really Good Reason
7) A Look at Financial Freedom

Along with the workbook, students watch the videos and complete the responses and by the end of the 6 weeks, will be more prepared for a financially fit life.

With WealthQuest, your teen will learn money management skills that can help them succeed in reaching their financial fitness goals in life.

The price of WealthQuest for Teens is $39.95. This includes: 

  • Online Video/Workbook Basic Seminar
  • eBook for Teens: Basic Seminar QuickStart Guide
  • eBook for Parents: Your Teen's Financial Literacy in Today's Economy
  • Link to MoneyTrail.net

What We Thought? I like the concept behind WealthQuest for Teens. I believe it is vitally important to learn how to manage finances well to be good stewards of money. I also believe that attitude really does play a huge role in financial fitness. Without the right attitude, alot of money could mean nothing. 

That said, I do not believe that The Lord desires for us to be "rich" with money only. And  He does not want us to focus only on how much we have. The videos do not necessarily state this. At first, I really wasn't sure I would have my daughter complete the lessons because the program seemed vain. But then, rereading Jill's note to the Crew and understanding her philosophy more, I realized that it wasn't just vanity. 

My daughter wasn't sure, at first either. But then, after many discussions, realized the same.

I believe that Wealthquest for Teens can be a very useful resource for your teens. It is so important to learn how to manage finances and, from WealthQuest for Teens, they will learn so much more.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Both of my kids like playing computer games. Whether they're on the actual computer or some other platform. They also both like animals and learning about them. I love games that combine their likes with education or a learning environment.

ZooWhiz is a great new website that we were introduced to as members of the SRC. Created in 2011 by EdAlive, ZooWhiz offers kids ages 5-15 an interactive, curriculum based, learning environment that's not only educational, but fun, too. EdAlive was founded by Graham East in 2003 & has quickly become a leading publisher of educational software (ZooWhiz About). 
ZooWhiz has a "bank of over 17,000 carefully-crafted, finely-incremented learning activities" (ZooWhiz) that will engage your children and motivate them as they complete the questions, earn "coins", visually see their progress, and create their own personal "zoo".

You have the benefit of adjusting your student's learning level quickly and easily if the work is too difficult or too easy. ZooWhiz has striven hard to accommodate curricula from Australia (where it's based out of), USA, New Zealand, UK, Canada, & Singapore, (respectively). You are able to adjust spellings according to US or Australian standards, as well as the measurement systems (Imperial or Metric units of measure or currencies in $, £ or €). I personally think it's a great idea for children to learn both sets of measurement and the currency exchanges. Then they won't have to search the web for a converter : ^ )

ZooWhiz offers your children "comprehensive coverage of maths, punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, word skills, phonics, phonemics and reading" (ZooWhiz). Each age and/or grade level has focused lessons that progress as your child does. As I mentioned above, if your child advances beyond the lesson, you can freely change the level, or if he needs to work a little more on a specific level, you can adjust it back. 

How Does It Work? The whole site is easy to use, too, starting with the sign-up process. The first step is to pick out an Avatar. There are 12 different Avatar's to choose from right now. 

Once your child chooses her Avatar, the next screen is where she will enter her name and your email address. An email will be sent to you for approval of use.

I want to add, here, that ZooWhiz has taken many precautions to ensure your child's safety online. Each username and password are chosen by ZooWhiz, to "eliminate" any inappropriate words that would show on your child's screen. Another safety feature is that your child's username can be saved on the sign-in page, but not the password, so noone else can sign into his account. And, a very important aspect of the safety system that ZooWhiz has created, your child does not interact with anyone else while on ZooWhiz (ZooWhiz safety)

After you approve your children's accounts, you will receive their username and password. You can also sign up for a free parent account where you will be able to edit each child's "age floor". This is where you can set the content (math, reading, and words), by age, for your child. This is a nice option since you can put math at one age, reading at another, and words at another, depending on your child's individual abilities.

Once your child sign's into her account, she will see the screen below:
The "Learn & Earn" section is for all the lessons available, the "Milestones" section shows the progress that has been made, the "Biodome" is the place your child can use the earned coins to "purchase" animals for his zoo. Once purchased they will receive the animal with info on each including: info, detail, habitat, diet, & threat (the latter 4 are included with the premium membership). The "Arcade" is a where your child can use coins earned to play timed games, some educational and some just for fun.

The navigation in the "Zoo" is easy. Regardless of where your student is, there will either be a back arrow or the compass (seen in the lower right corner), that will take him back to the main page. 

And What Are Educational Activities Like? They are actually very good. They are not easy peasy, unless you want them to be. Below are some screen shots with the grade/age listed below the image.
Math Age 6-8
Math Age 10-12
Words Ages 7-11
Maths Ages 8-10
Word Skills 11-15+
Reading Ages 10-15+
I like that with certain questions, there's a built in lesson. For example, in the above "Confounded Croc" pic, on the bottom right side, it tells what a gerund is, how it's used, and an example. You can click here to see a bigger pic. In the bottom right pic, the definition of an "Onomatopoeia" is given. These are helpful reminders or great lessons, depending on the level of the child. 

Below is a quick ZooWhiz Tour that will show a few more screen shots.
You can also view a larger version of this introductory tour video.

ZooWhiz offers a Free Keeper Membership or a Premium Membership is just $14.95 for a full year. Each premium membership comes with the following:
Because ZooWhiz is a growing site, more benefits are being added for both the Free membership and Premium membership. And satisfaction is guaranteed.

What We Thought. I like all the different elements that ZooWhiz has to offer. We received the Premium Membership for review, so the free memberThe learning activities and questions are definitely challenging and I can see the educational value in each of the sections. I like that the site is interactive and encouraging. I think it's cute that, since it's based out of Australia, one of the responses to a right answer is "crackerjack". Each question has the option of missing it twice before the correct answer is given. This is helpful for a student that may not know what is being asked, or doesn't know the concept. The math is really challenging, too, and I like that. The pattern questions are not simple add 3 or divide by 2, it might be add together and subtract by 1. I am sure you will find each of the sections a welcome supplement to your curriculum. 

My kids, on the other hand, aren't as warm about it as I am. They started out to be, jumping online and working hard to earn coins to buy animals for their zoo. However, once the animal was purchased, there is no interaction with it. It's basically just the facts and a picture. I think they were expecting to be able to "play" with the animal in their zoo. Then when they went to the arcade, each game is timed at 3 minutes. So if they are in the middle of the game, it is timed out and they must purchase another session. They can continue or restart, but nonetheless, the game was interrupted. They did not like this.

But that aside, they did find that the activities/questions were challenging and original. They were able to review lessons from the past and practice ones they are learning (for my son, my daughter is slightly more advanced so the lessons were review for her).

Because the site is upgrading and adding new things all the time, I encourage both kids to check back often to see what's new. They do like all of the animals they have to choose from and like learning about them. The games are fun, too. And I must admit, when I got into one, I didn't like being timed out so quickly either. 3 minutes seems like a lot, but it really isn't when your playing, lol.

Overall, I do recommend ZooWhiz. The price is right, if you choose the Free membership, and the Premium membership is very reasonable. It's a great way to encourage your kids to practice their school lessons and have fun, too. Try a free membership today, to see what you think. 

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Disclaimer: I received a free membership to ZooWhiz free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.
Want a project that you and your kids can do on a rainy day or a short break from regular school work? There's a wonderful company that I have been introduced to as a member of the SRC. It's called Box of I.D.E.As. and each of their products is a box of ideas that will provide you and your children with a few different activities and projects. Each Box is geared toward students 9-16years old, but can be used with slightly younger or older students, in my opinion. 

Who is Box of I.D.E.AS.?
"Box of IDEAs is a company dedicated to creating delightful interactive learning modules centered around random sub-ject areas. Explorers will be irresistibly drawn into critical thinking & knowledge building activities through an amazing variety of fun topics." (Box Of Ideas)

Each Box of I..D.E.AS. is portable so you can easily take it along on road trips or anywhere where there's idle time. 

There are at least 10 modules in each box, all pertaining to the primary subject of the box. Each module contains exercises and activities that will engage your children and encourage them to think a little deeper about whatever it is they are learning. There are also 
"many additional ideas and suggestions" that will offer further learning about that main subject.

We received the Salt Box of I.D.E.As.. "Our Salt Box of IDEAs is a comprehensive look at salt and how it has helped to shape history, nourish our bodies and even build and destroy empires. This Box delves into history, geography, science, language, political systems and much more."

You might ask "political systems, really?" But yes, salt has even been involved in political systems : ^ )

The Box of I.D.E.As. for the subject of Salt, contains the following modules:

The History Of Salt * The Science Of Salt 
The Salt March * The Salt of the Earth
Need For Salt * Preserving With Salt
Too Much Salt * The Wall That Salt Built 
Where Salt Lives * The Language of Salt

You will find a description of each of these modules on the Salt Box of I.D.E.As. webpage.

So what is it? We received our box pretty quickly once it was shipped out. It was packaged in a nice sturdy mailing box that protected it well. The Box of IDEAs is a large, durable box that opens and closes easily, to keep the contents safe. The individual modules are in ziploc type bags with the description readily displayed. I like this. Not only can I close the box without a hassle, the modules are organized and individualized to make things easy.
keys & salt shaker are for size comparison
So how does it work? Once we opened the box, we looked through each of the modules to see what interested us the most. Of course, each one of us had a different thought : ^ ) My daughter liked the Very Salty (listed as Too Much Salt under the modules list) most, my son liked the Science of Salt, and I liked, well, I liked them all.

The first module we completed was The History of Salt. This made the most sense. This module contains cards with historical facts and years that are designed to play a card game with. It will take the players on a "salty journey" as they learn about the history of salt throughout the ages. It's interesting to try and place the right year to the historical fact. For instance, would you know what year "Solar salt making begins in San Francisco, CA"? I didn't even know exactly what solar salt was. My first thought was that it was some modern day thing, but I was not correct. It began in 1770. I did some research through the recommended links offered in the module and learned more about solar salt making.

Our next module was the Science of Salt. Because all of us like science experiments, we each enjoyed completing it. Everything was provided to complete the experiment except water. But most everyone has easy access to water. The experiment is to learn the difference between rock salt and ice melt. It's funny because living in one of the snowiest areas in the NorthEast, we have a lot of snow and ice. We have actually thrown both, ice melt and rock salt, out into the driveway. Can you guess which worked the best? Try the experiment to see.

Then we moved onto Very Salty and learned about hypersaline lakes. Very interesting! This module also comes with 36 Salty Volume cards, which are full color index cards of various salt lakes. Each has facts about the location on the back, too. 

Each of the modules offers it's very own creativeness and lesson. There is so much to learn about salt. I had no idea!! Both of my kids enjoyed learning about the various aspects of salt and realized, as well, that there is more to salt than just what comes out of our salt shaker : ^ )

What we thought. As you can tell from the above descriptions, we liked the Salt Box of I.D.E.As. alot. It's fun to take a break from routine work to learn about a specific subject. The activities were good and didn't take long at all. I think the most lengthy activity was the experiment. We had to wait for the water to freeze. The only issue that I did have was that there were a few misspellings we found. But it isn't a huge deal, since we knew what it was supposed to be. For example, the word "Onondaga" was spelled "Onondago" and "India" was "Indian". No big deal, but it was present. And really, if that's my only complaint, they must have done a great job : ^ )

You can purchase the physical Salt Box of I.D.E.As for $79 or the PDF file to be printed at home for $49. 

Box of I.D.E.As. also offers several other "boxes". Members of the SRC reviewed World War Two: Pearl Harbor as well as Salt. Other subjects include: World War 2, Eleven, Quilting, Laundry, and more to come.

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Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.